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Facilities Available with our Office Space

We offer a modern and professional meeting space for teams and clients. It’s well-equipped with comfortable seating, technology, and privacy to support meetings, collaborations, brainstorming, and data presentations.

Modern offices are practical, sleek, and promote creativity and productivity with smart technology, ergonomic furniture, and open floor plans that align with the modern workforce’s values.

We provide free high-tech Wi-Fi to improve productivity and communication , guaranteeing fast and reliable internet access. This displays our dedication to their satisfaction and creating a comfortable environment.

Our office now has high-quality AC, making a comfortable and refreshing workspace for your staff. We aim to provide your employees with a workspace that enhances their needs and productivity.

Discover a contemporary workspace that facilitates productivity and cooperation, complete with complimentary refreshments. Sign up with us now for an unparalleled professional environment.

Keep your car safe from damage with our offroad parking! The use of our offroad parking is totally free with the use of our Office space and is always in eyeshot from within the office space.

What is Meltham Office Leasing?

Meltham Self Storage understands the needs of small businesses and start-ups who require a professional workspace but may not have the budget for an entire office.

That’s why we are excited to announce that a new modern office space is now available for rent. This office space features top-of-the-line amenities and safe entry, ensuring your comfort and security while you work. Additionally, the convenient location of this workspace allows for easy access and parking.

Meltham Self Storage strives to provide flexible and affordable solutions for businesses of all sizes. With our new office space, you can now have a dedicated workspace without breaking the bank. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your business and take advantage of our accessible and cost-effective workspace.

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